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The Course Manager’s Calendar – January

Blairgowrie’s man in charge, Brian Scott, is in the middle of rebuilding two holes on the Rosemount course. Weather-permitting, the job should be completed by the start of the season. HK caught up with him to see how he’s getting along.


What projects do you have planned over the winter?

“We’ve been rebuilding two holes – six and seven on the Rosemount course. We completed the tees last year and we turfed the greens last week. We started the work in October with the heavy work starting at the beginning of November. In January, we will be turfing the surrounding areas, banking and approaches weather permitting.”


Sounds like a big project.

“It’s a massive project. We started it last year when we rebuilt the tees and the bunkers. The holes were originally on the Lansdowne Course and then swapped for two of the original Rosemount holes. They were very different from the rest of the course, so the decision was made to totally redesign them. We’re also going to transplant heather and Scots pine to make them fit in more. The holes will hopefully be back in play for the start of the season.”


How do you use Hugh King’s sand?

“During the season, we topdress with Hugh King’s sand every two weeks, very lightly. During the course of the year, we use about 160 tonnes – that’s including sand for our maintenance work as well. We have lochs all around us, so when we get frost, we can have it for weeks. That suits us for construction work because there’s less mess, but it means we have to concentrate our topdressing during the playing season.”


But you’ve also been using Hugh King’s rootzone.

“Yes. I used Hugh King’s rootzone to rebuild the 8th, 16th and 18th tees ahead of the Junior Ryder Cup. We also used the rootzone more recently to build the new tees on the 6th and 7th, and the rooting has been fantastic. The way the grass has rooted on them – the depth of the roots – it’s really healthy. One of the tees is in a really shaded area and with the previous rootzone, growth wasn’t very good at all. But since we rebuilt the tee with Hugh King’s rootzone, it’s been brilliant.”


Are you using the rootzone on the new greens?

“Yes. We went for a sand-soil mix. It’s closer to the rest of the Rosemount greens. We wanted to get as close to that as possible.”


How do you rate Hugh King’s service?

“Hugh King has the best delivery service out of all the companies I use. If I ran out of top-dressing during the summer, I could phone at 2pm and there would be a lorry here the next day. And with the recent rootzone delivery, I was very impressed with how quickly it got here. It was brilliant.”