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The Course Manager’s Calendar – August

Allan Patterson has had a busy year. The extensive renovation and redesign of Trump Turnberry was a monumental task completed in just eight months, to universal praise. As we enter the peak season, we find out what the golf and estates manager at Trump Turnberry is up to.

July’s weather has been mixed. Has this helped or hindered the relaunch?
“The weather for us has been OK. With the amount of renovation work we’ve done, a really dry summer like ’89 or ’77 would have been a challenge for us. I am quite happy to have a cool, damp summer.”

Have you restricted the traffic around the course since it opened?
“We had limited tee times from 1 June, but we still had just over 3,000 rounds which, when I look at it from a selfish perspective, are quite a lot. Saying that, the course has taken the wear and tear very well. We are now fully open until the end of August, so we’ll see how it goes and find out where the wear issues are, and then manage the level of footfall from September onwards.”

Will you continue to top-dress during the summer?
“From a renovation perspective, we’ll be doing some inter-seeding and some topdressing on some tees and small areas, but in general we’re just working on course presentation, attention to detail – the normal course work you would expect during August. We’ll do some light topdressing on greens, surrounds and tees. Nothing major. We’ll move back into that in September.”

How much sand will you apply during August?
“We’ll use roughly 10 tonnes per hectare. If we do greens and approaches, we’ll use about 40 tonnes of Hugh King’s Washed Dune Sand.”

What are the main advantages of applying Hugh King’s Washed Dune Sand?
“You never find any imperfections. It’s always clean. It’s very consistent. There are never any impurities like bits of stone. It’s a first-class product. When you go to the sand pile, you know every load and every bucket will be the same. Hugh King’s consistency has always been great. You never get any surprises.”

Talking of surprises, any innovations in your maintenance routine?
“We’ve gone away from top-dressing in the morning and try to do it later in the day. We let the surfaces go really dry and then top-dress during gaps in the tee sheet – if there are any. When you apply sand in the morning into a damp surface, it doesn’t go in that well. So we’re just trying to do things slightly differently.”