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Transport and Logistics article

Recently Hugh King & Co were featured in the Transport and Logistics magazine, you can view the article by clicking on the following link.

The Course Manager’s Calendar – May

When Archie Dunn arrived at Auchterarder Golf Club, he was meant to stand in initially for six months. Twenty three years later, he is now the club’s cornerstone golf course manger.

We’re into the golfing season proper now, so what are your plans for May?

“May is a hectic month as we try to get as much aeration and top dressing done on all areas during a busy golfing period with member and visitor play increasing as the weather improves.”

What in particular will you be doing?

“Our greens and approaches programme will consist of us solid tinning areas with 12mm tines and top dressing with10-12 tonnes medium course sand. This will then be brushed in using our trailed rotary brush. We will also slit tine the same areas with a planet air machine down to around 75mm, add further sand and brush it in. We will also follow both procedures with our true turf rollers to level out and smooth surfaces to improve ball roll.

As the weather over winter and early spring has been so wet – we recorded 173% higher rainfall levels than our 25-year average this winter – we will also hollowcore four of our wettest greens and sand to fill holes. This will hopefully firm up and reduce organic matter on these poorer areas.

As May progresses we will increase our presentation of the golf course and this will become our main focus. We will cut the greens most days with pedestrian and triple mowers at around 4mm depending on temperatures. With tees and surrounds being cut twice weekly at 8mm, fairways and intermediate cut once a week and semi rough cut as required by growth levels, there’s certainly a lot to do.”

How long have you been using Hugh King sand?

“We’ve been using it for a couple of years. Before we had a locally sourced sand that came from three miles down the road, but we changed because we wanted better quality, more consistency and more reliable deliveries. The quality of the Hugh King sand is definitely better, but it’s the consistency that’s the main thing.”

What changes have you noticed since using Hugh King sand?

“When we’re top dressing, we get a much cleaner finish and we get it brushed in a lot easier. It produces a far cleaner surface. When we’re hollow-coring the greens, we get the sand down the holes much quicker. We’ve had 60 tonnes on the greens so far this year and we’re planning to go with another 10 tonnes next week so hopefully we’ll be applying 10 tonnes every fortnight for the next month or six weeks until we get the greens firmed up, but that depends on the golf.”

What sand blend are you using?

“We use the medium-coarse blend. It’s a transition from the sand we were using previously. We didn’t want to go straight to Washed Dune sand because it would have been too fine. We were using a medium-coarse before so we didn’t want to go straight to a medium-fine in case it clogged things up. Once we’ve had a couple of years on the medium-coarse, then we’ll change to Washed Dune sand further down the line.”

How are you using the sand and what are the results?

“We’re top-dressing greens and approaches. The members are delighted because the sand is brushing in much better, which is great for putting, and the greens are getting much smoother and firmer. Surface drainage has also improved dramatically with consistent sand and better particle size.”