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Recently Hugh King & Co were featured in the Transport News magazine, you can view the article by clicking on the following link.

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The Course Manager’s Calendar – November

Unlike many courses, Kingsbarns Golf Links shuts down for maintenance for four months of the year. Does this closed-door policy make life easier for the greenkeeping staff? We asked the man in charge of the grass; Innes Knight.

There is the assumption that closing the course takes the pressure off during the winter months. Is that really the case?

“The pressure is off in that there are no golfers breathing down your neck and you don’t have to worry about the daily course set up. This allows us to take on projects that would not be possible during normal play.

“The owner and CEO of Kingsbarns Golf Links is very keen to use the winter months to reinvest in the product. Every year there is a mountain of tasks to get our teeth into, and this year is no different. Tasks such as bunker revetting, drainage, top dressing, coring, spiking, tree and gorse management, marram planting, slabbing, heather planting, weed-grass purification, sleeper edging, kerbing, tee construction, driving range alterations, dry stone wall work, extension of clubhouse patio area and tarmacking have to be undertaken and we’re also experimenting with new pathway and walkway materials.”

How many top dressing applications do you make during the season?

“During the season, we top dressed the greens 10 times, the tees four times and the fairways twice, and that was all with Hugh King’s Washed Dune sand. When we’re closed, we’ll probably get through 210 tonnes.”

How long have you been using Hugh King’s Washed Dune Sand?

“It’s been a few years now. We started in 2005. Washed Dune Sand has helped dilute the thatch build up on our greens and we are now sitting at between 4 and 5% organics.

“Continual use of the same sand product around the site gives consistent surfaces which in turn helps performance. For instance, every year for the Dunhill the STRI take measurements and this time their results showed, in terms of consistency, our greens were the closest they’ve ever been. This data was confirmed with the post Dunhill Links Championship feedback.”