Hugh King & Co, leading suppliers of sand to the construction and sports industries.

Hugh King & Co. have been producing sands of the highest quality for over 160 years. Over recent years the demands of our customers have changed substantially, mainly in terms of the range and grades of sands they require. This reflects the precise specifications now required to cater for a more discerning marketplace. To this end the company now operates from a sophisticated quarrying, grading and bagging facility at Hullerhill, Kilwinning.

This allows the flexibility to produce high quality silica sands, construction and horticultural sands, for a wide range of customers and industries. We produce both bulk and pre-packed sands and aggregates to cater for all our customer requirements.

Hugh King & Co has recently developed a series of sands created especially for the golf industry. Greenkeepers say the right sand can improve the appearance and playability of a golf course.

  • “The service we get from Hugh King is really up there. It’s very good.”

    Chris Haspell, Course Manager at Castle Stuart Golf Links
  • “With annual top dressing using the Washed Dune Sand, thatch on the fairways has been eradicated by around 90%.”

    David Coull, Head Greenkeeper at Luffness New Golf Club
  • “We’ve been using Hugh King sands for a long time, going back 20 years.”

    Billy McLachlan, Course Manager at Royal Troon Golf Club
  • “We wanted a free draining sand that would go easily into the fescue turf and help us produce a better surface.”

    Chris Haspell, Course Manager at Castle Stuart Golf Links
  • “When you go to the sand pile, you know every load and every bucket will be the same.”

    Allan Patterson, Golf and Estates Manager at Trump Turnberry
  • “It has been a great change going over to Hugh King’s Washed Dune sand. You know what you’re getting every time.”

    Scott Robertson, Course Manager at Strathmore Golf Centre
  • “Hugh King Washed Dune Sand is working really well for us. We’re winning the battle.”

    Innes Knight, Course and Facility Manager at Kingsbarns Golf Links
  • “Hugh King & Co’s sand mats in so well, golfers don’t realise the greens have been top dressed.”

    Gordon Moir, Director of Greenkeeping at St Andrews Links Trust
  • “The consistency of the sand from Hugh King & Co is excellent. The quality of the sand is second to none.”

    Brian Finlayson, Links Manager at Kilmarnock Barassie Golf Club
  • “Within an hour or two of heavy rain, there are no signs of flooding, and that’s down to the sand and our aeration programme.”

    Paul McNair, Head Greenkeeper at Caldwell Golf Club
  • “Hugh King’s Washed Dune has helped us produce firmer, smoother, truer greens.”

    Craig Boath, Head Greenkeeper at Championship Course Carnoustie Golf Links
  • “It is a very good growing medium. The root development has been fantastic.”

    Archie Dunn, Golf Course Manager at Auchterarder Golf Club
  • “Hugh king has the best delivery service out of all the companies I use.”


    Brian Scott, Head Greenkeeper at The Blairgowrie Golf Club
  • “I’ve been at West Kilbride for 36 years and I’ve been using Hugh King’s sand all that time.”

    Jim Paton, West Kilbride Golf Club
  • “You trust the sand a lot more because when it arrives from Hugh King, it comes in clean”

    Stuart Griffiths, Course Manager at Pitlochry Golf and Blair Atholl Golf
  • “Our members could be playing on it almost instantly and they would never know sand has just been applied”

    Richard Johnstone, Course Manager at Nairn Dunbar Golf Links
  • “Our clients need a consistent surface so they can exercise year-round. That’s what Hugh King’s sand has given us”

    Elaine MacDonald, Director at Thornhill Stables
  • “The Washed Dune sand was great. It did the job and knitted in quickly”

    Paul Kimber, Golf Course Architect at Kimber Golf
  • “We like to use the best of the best, and I think Hugh King’s rootzone is the best out there. Hugh King’s reputation is the best there is.”

    Steven Wilson, Links Superintendent at Trump International Golf Links
  • “It helps with the playability and the firmness of the pitch. It has made a big difference.”

    Stephen Bache, Head Groundsman at Hampden Park
  • “We received a lot of compliments about how quickly the place dried up”

    Innes Knight, Course and Facility Manager at Kingsbarns Golf Links
  • “The Washed Dune sand rubs in so much better which means we can get more sand onto and absorbed into the surfaces quicker.”

    Bob Meikle, Golf Course Manager at Crail Golfing Society
  • “After working with Hugh King for the last 12 months, I wouldn’t have any issues recommending these guys.”

    Lee West, Course Manager at gWest International
  • “We saved £1,500 on two men that didn’t need to empty bags and were deployed elsewhere. It was a big plus for us.”

    Kenneth Campbell, Contracts Manager at Sportsmasters UK
  • “We want to make sure we are properly stocked so we can send out deliveries throughout the winter”

    Graeme King, Managing Director at Hugh King & Co.
  • “We’ll topdress, drag or brush it and then run over it with a mower, and the golfers don’t even know it’s gone on.”

  • “We are trying to restore firm and fast conditions, and Hugh King’s sand is a fundamental part of that”

    Stewart Brown, Course Manager at Western Gailes Golf Club
  • “Hugh King’s Washed Dune sand is excellent. All the Open venues in Scotland are using it, so that tells you that it’s the best.”

    Sandy Reid, Links Superintendent at Carnoustie Golf Links
  • “The greens are getting firmer year-on-year and we’re seeing real improvements in the playability of the surfaces”

    Brian Finlayson, Golf Course Manager at Kilmarnock Barassie Golf Club
  • “Hugh King would be considered the market leader in their field and we are proud to call them a key partner.”

    Paul Sharp, Area Sales Manager at Turf & Amenity Solutions Company
  • “It turned out that Hugh King’s Washed Dune sand couldn’t have been a better fit. It was perfect”

    Ryan McCulloch, Course Manager at Goswick Golf Club
  • “The club is really happy because the new sand is working perfectly. It has taken things up another level.”

    Ryan McCulloch, Course Manager at Goswick Golf Club
  • “We’re getting so many comments about the greens being truer and firmer as a result of using the sand”

    Ryan McCulloch, Course Manager at Goswick Golf Club
  • “To get something like Hugh King’s Washed Dune sand was heaven sent”

    Stewart Duff, Golf Course Manager at Gullane Golf Club
  • “You have to be consistent. Hugh King has helped us get there and the sand has been fundamental in that process.”

    Craig Boath, Championship Head Greenkeeper at Carnoustie Golf Links
  • “I’ve been in greenkeeping for 36 years and I’ve used Hugh King sand all my professional life.

    It’s not just about sand; it’s about the right quality of sand.”

    Iain Barr, Head Greenkeeper at Largs Golf Club
  • “Since we’ve changed to Hugh King Washed Dune sand and RZ2, the turf has taken a lot quicker and the root development has been a lot quicker as well. It’s been very positive.”

    Brian Scott, Head Greenkeeper at Blairgowrie Golf Club
  • “Because the sand is so good and rubs in so well, the golfers don’t even know if we’ve topdressed”

    Paul Armour, Course Manager at Dunbar Golf Club
  • “Kiln-dried sand is moisture-free and taking it straight from the silo onto the greens as quickly as possible means we can apply more sand quicker.”

    Barry McCulloch, Course Manager at Caldwell Golf Club
  • “I don’t need to check each batch; every single load has been the same – stoneless and clean. That’s why I’m staying with Hugh King.”

    Innes Knight, Course and Facility Manager at Kingsbarns Golf Links
  • “If I was to get 20 loads delivered one after the other, I would know the first one and the last one would be exactly the same.”

    Innes Knight, Course and Facilities Manager at Kingsbarns Golf Links
  • “Hugh King’s Washed Dune Sand is very compatible with our root zone. It’s almost identical”

    Stewart Duff, Course Manager at Gullane Golf Club
  • “We use Hugh King’s sand because it’s the best sand for our environment.”

    Ian Kinley, Course Manager at Royal Porthcawl Golf Club
  • “We’re using the Washed Dune sand and the biggest advantage of that is the cleanliness of the product and the colour.”

    Gordon McKie, Course Manager at Old Course, St. Andrews Links
  • “In the year we’ve been using the Washed Dune Sand it has firmed up the putting surfaces, kept them open so they drain better… and the playability is far more consistent.”

    Neil Sadler, Course Manager at Portlethen Golf Club
  • “The sand was a perfect fit for our construction material. It’s good quality, and when it comes in, it’s always the same.”

    Frank Clarkson, Course Superintendent at Dundonald Links
  • “We’re trying to set the environment to favour the indigenous grasses and the top-dressing programme and Hugh King’s sand are helping us”

    Ian Kinley, Course Manager at Royal Porthcawl
  • “During the season, we top dressed the greens 10 times, the tees four times and the fairways twice, and that was all with Hugh King’s Washed Dune sand”

    Innes Knight, Course and Facility Manager at Kingsbarns Golf Links
  • “It’s not just the quality of the product; the customer service is very good as well”

    Allan Patterson, Golf Courses and Estates Manager at Trump Turnberry
  • “It is a very good sand and a good product to put on the course”

    Jim Paton, Course Manager at The West Kilbride Golf Club
  • “It is a quality sand that allows us to help reduce and maintain organic matter levels”

    Sandy Reid, Links Superintendent at Carnoustie Golf Links
  • “We’ve never had a bad load of sand”

    Charlie Macdonald, Course Manager at Crieff Golf Club
  • “I would also recommend using a silo because of the consistency of the material. It produces a better putting surface”

    Colin Powrie, Course Manager at Ladybank Golf Club
  • “The quality of the Hugh King sand is definitely better, but it’s the consistency that’s the main thing”

    Archie Dunn, Golf Course Manger at Auchterarder Golf Club