Hugh King & Co mortars are available through our modern transportable silos. These sealed containers are delivered to you on-site and feature an automated mixing system that blends water with dry mortar at the push of a button. The result is a high-quality and consistent product that is easy to use.

The Benefits;

Quality mortar every time
Whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, Hugh King & Co’s mortar silos produce a consistent mix that delivers a quality finish time after time.

Predictable strength and workability
Protection from the elements and computer-controlled mixing results in reliable consistency from start to finish.

Environmentally friendly
A portable silo with a 3mx3m footprint limits waste and restricts environmental impacts.

Fewer deliveries to site
Storing up to 30 tonnes of material, Hugh King & Co’s mortar silos require fewer deliveries cutting logistical co-ordination and long-term costs.

Efficient use of workforce
Ready made mortar means more time is spent applying rather than mixing.

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