Contract Bagging

Hugh King & Co’s extensive experience of manufacturing its own cement-based products has naturally led to a contract packing and blending option utilised by a wide range of customers. Using its modern dry mortar plant to mix, blend and bag cement-based products to the highest possible standards, Hugh King & Co provides a cost-efficient, discrete and tailored service.


Raw materials
Hugh King & Co’s facilities are located alongside an active quarry producing high-quality brown and white sand.

Dry mortar plant
Combined, Hugh King & Co’s quarry and state-of-the-art dry mortar plant create a seamless process.

With an on-site supply of brown and white sand coupled with high-tech processing capabilities, Hugh King & Co can adapt its raw and graded materials to suit specific requirements.

Knowledge and experience
After delivering sand-based products for over 100 years and producing materials from its dry mortar plant for over 10, Hugh King & Co has a wealth of experience on which to call.

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