Hugh King & Co can provide a range of mortar and render products that can be tailored to meet specific projects or particular needs. With four mortar classes and eight render options as well as a spectrum of colour choices (there are 72 different colour combinations for mortars alone), Hugh King & Co can match an existing render or mortar finish, or create an entirely new and bespoke look.

For more detailed information on Hugh King & Co’s range of hand-finished mortars and renders, download the product datasheets below:

Name Datasheet
Base Coat Render (Hand Applied) Data Sheet
Base Coat Render (Pumpable)
Base Coat Render (Sprayable)
Class 1 Mortar
Class 2 Mortar
Class 3 Mortar
M4 Mortar
M6 Mortar
M12 Mortar
Pointing Mortar
Polymer Enhanced Base Coat Render
Polymer Enhanced Dry Dash Render
Traditional Top Coat
Universal Mortar
Wet Dash Finish
Polymer Enhanced Scraped Finish Render