McTaggart & Mickel

The look and feel of the 2014 Commonwealth Games athletes’ village rests on a bold use of colour and materials. Holding it all together are five different coloured mortars from Hugh King & Co.

hugh king mctaggart and mickelAs part of Glasgow’s City Legacy Consortium, Mactaggart & Mickel Group is one of the key contractors behind the much talked-about 2014 Commonwealth Games athletes’ village. The expansive project will provide accommodation for 6,500 competitors and officials and will then be transformed into a vibrant community hub with housing, amenities and public spaces.

The project combines eco-friendly technologies that combine seamlessly with bold designs and a contemporary feel. A liberal use of coloured bricks provides the project with contrast and definition. “A lot of the areas around the site use different coloured bricks,” explains Paul Starritt, Mactaggart & Mickel’s site manager. “There are eight different types of brick and five different colours of mortar.”

The fresh and vibrant look certainly catches the eye, but to meet the exacting architectural standards, Starritt’s team was asked to match suitable mortars with the various brick types to create universal walls of colour. To achieve the requisite uniformity, they called on Hugh King & Co to provide the mortar.

“We went through a number of samples from Hugh King & Co with the architect and he selected his choices from those mortars,” Starritt explains. “To make sure the brickwork would be completed in the required fashion, we made sample panels for architectural approval.”

Remarkably, this approval process took a matter of days to complete. “We had a quick turnaround from Hugh King & Co,” says Starritt. “From receiving the samples, to the architect approving them and getting the actual product on site, took about three or four days.”

The suitability of the mortars and the speed with which they gained approval didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, to ensure a consistent approach, other on-site contractors were encouraged to use the coloured mortars from Hugh King & Co. “There are three other contractors on this site and two of them are now using mortars from Hugh King & Co,” explains Starritt. “The architect passed on the mortars to the other contractors to ensure he would get the same standard of product across the board. It was good for Hugh King & Co but also good for the City Legacy project.”

Hugh King & Co provides mortars, renders and screeds from a computer-controlled plant which ensures repeatable consistency, whatever colour is specified. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games athletes’ village, this cutting-edge approach has been applied continually across a number of designs, styles and finishes creating a polished look.

“We opted for Hugh King & Co because they have always supported us on both our homes and contracts divisions,” says Starritt. “They are a reputable company and we get great service from them – we feel we get the whole package from Hugh King & Co.”

He continues: “We rely on them like a one-stop shop. I would recommend Hugh King & Co due to the service, product and back-up,” he says. “They give you the product you ask for, when you require it and to a high standard.”